Saturday, 18 February 2017

EP: Looking Svelte - Gelatine

Looking Svelte - Gelatine

Looking Svelte - Gelatine EP

Info: Looking Svelte is a new pop music project from Ryan Burrowes (Robocobra Quartet / Abandcalledboy). Self produced, the EP features the influences from the likes of trip-hop , noise and 80's synthpop and incorporates drum machines, synthesisers, home made instruments and messed up guitars to create a glitchy pop haze. The EP features 3 tracks and a cover of Jona Lewie’s Christmas classic ’Stop The Cavalry’ which was featured on 'Christmas on Castletown Rd.'

Having cut his chops making outrageous hard rock with Abandcalledboy, and dabbling in the dark arts with experimental jazz-rock act Robocobra Quartet, Burrowes has now dipped into the world of electro-pop, that's quite the exotic musical palate to say the least. It can only lead to good things, and that's what we find on new solo project Looking Svelte and debut EP, Gelatine

Opening with 'Evolved', we're immediately aware of this change, it's hazy alt-pop which trundles along at a soothing and chilled pace, we also get to hear Burrowes vocals in a more serene environment and tone, and it suits him very well. 'Denton' shrouds itself in more fuzz than it's predecessor, whilst retaining the mellow vibes, it's lethargic feel is hypnotic and slightly haunting to begin with, an interesting and well-placed change is introduced at the 1:20 mark. A folktronica feel abounds, acoustic plucking makes may for bending electric guitar progressions as the track loops back around seamlessly back to its starting point. 

'Vote' is a peach, and showcases what Looking Svelte may have hidden in the locker on future releases, a dark and energising electronic piece, with a wonderful mix of glitchy beats and pops stretched across the track, a bit Ghost Culture and a bit East India Youth at the same time. 'Stop The Cavalry' again contrasts with the opening two tracks, static and an all encompassing soundscapes flush around Burrowe's, at times, deliberately barely audible vocal, closing with a most regal ditty from days of yore!

Gelatine is a very solid introduction to what's currently manifesting itself in Burrowe's head at the moment, and there's every chance based on these four tracks that he may have struck on something that had always been yearning to get out. Already looking forward to the next release, without sounding too greedy.

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