Sunday, 26 February 2017

EP: Sväva - Sväva

Sväva EP
Photo: Nick Helderman

Sväva - Moist

Info: Dutch dream-pop four-piece Sväva recently released their latest self-titled EP which has been over a year in the making. The five track recording is a fine exemplar of contemporary synth-based and indie music. Opening with 'Huntress', the mood is escapist and lightly dark, lead singer Bente Hout's vocals are powerful and emotive, combined with the spacial percussion and keys, it creates a cross-over between Florence & The Machine and Bat for Lashes, however, this is not to be the case across the remainder of the EP.

Latest single 'Moist' (above video) is darker again and places more emphasis on the band's electronic leanings. The synth is glorious, echoing the grittier and early side of Gary Numan and Tubeway Army, with a dash of The National thrown in for good measure. Previous single 'Only U' is a definitive stand out for me, a delightful rolling guitar lick and brooding bass-line provide the perfect backdrop to Hout's mixed use of psychedelic 60's-era and modern pop vocals. The video itself, directed and produced by Wander Andringa is also a beautiful composition that is cinematic in it's reach.

Sväva - Only U

After the pause for reflection that is 'Sadly', a haunting and sombre number, Sväva wrap up with their final track, 'Summery Haze', a wonderful slice of electronic 80's-influenced music, guitars and synths are once again sounding great. The track escalates very nicely to a euphoric space, swinging forwards and backwards between its guitar riffs and ethereal vocal effects to wrap up an EP that Sväva should be very proud of.

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