Monday, 20 February 2017

Single: Louise Lemón - Egyptian Darkness

Louise Lemón - Egyptian Darkness

Info: 'Egyptian Darkness' is the new single from the Scandi female artist with vision called Louise Lemón. Although the music itself doesn’t resemble anything Egyptian at all, there is an message to the name. It does however sound dark, mysterious and mystical.

In the style of Lana Del Rey, The Kills and PJ Harvey’s open and airy noir- sound, the production takes the listener on a psychedelic journey throughout. The drumbeat is slow yet assertive, the scuzzy guitars remain ethereal yet powerful, and Louise’s vocals slide across the song with a presence which simply cannot be ignored.

Darkness is undoubtedly the operative word here, on her new single, Louise Lemón invokes a spiritual wasteland permanently shrouded by the night, and inhabited by a lost ancient tribe. Inspired by the dual themes of liberation and the biblical story of the Exodus where Egypt was enveloped by three days of darkness, Lemón's vocals, the methodical percussion and sweeping orchestral moments capture this scene perfectly. 'Egyptian Darkness' is cinematic in its reach, and has a restrained dramatic quality which sees it avoid going over the top. 

The second track, 'Shipwreck', is equally impressive, and shows another side of Lemón's musical persona and sound. It's a moody and subtly atmospheric number, her vocal rich and alluring and also displaying a powerful classic rock range with aplomb. Both tracks should be more than enough to push the artist onwards to a space which can be enjoyed by music fans of very varied dispositions. 

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