Saturday, 25 February 2017

Video: Brass Phantoms - Waiting Up

Brass Phantoms Waiting Up
Photo: Alan McCarthy

Brass Phantoms - Waiting Up

Info: There always comes a time when a band ceases to be 'new' or 'up and coming' and moves into the space of having fully arrived. Such is the case with Dublin indie-rockers Brass Phantoms, who, over the last number of months have settled with ease into the new surroundings they find themselves in with regard to their growing reputation, and acknowledgement from both peers and the music press that they are the real deal.

This is encapsulated in new single and video 'Waiting Up', we now have instantly recognisable 'sounds' that are definitively Brass Phantoms, from bass, percussion, vocals and guitar. As much as I dislike the term, there is a notable maturity to be found and heard on 'Waiting Up', there's a confidence and assuredness from the four-piece, they have found their zone and it's an extremely promising one. Last years debut EP City of Wolves showed signs of what was to come, but often bands can get trapped in those early stages, in this instance Brass Phantoms have shot ahead, and quickly, which augurs very well indeed for the future. 'Waiting Up' feels moody yet anthemic, rhythmic yet forceful, is undeniably indie but bubbles with a post-punk groove, and the excellent video by Alan McCarthy is the perfect fit for a great single.

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