Monday, 20 February 2017

Video: Kingdom of Crows - Sculptor's Run

Kingdom of Crows Sculptor's Run

Kingdom of Crows - Sculptor's Run

Info: Dublin dark rock act Kingdom of Crows who are built around the twin song-writing talents of guitarist Stephen Kelly and vocalist Lucy Earley have released their first single of 2017, 'Sculptor's Run'. Both visually and musically the new single is markedly different from previous releases, whilst staying loyal to their trademark ability to create dark atmospheric landscapes. 'Sculptor's Run' exudes more attitude and increases the intensity of the pace we have come to expect from KoC. 

Thick mechanical bass-lines feed the rhythm as synths fire sporadic wisps of sound around Earley's vocals, unsurprisingly everything is slick and perhaps the most interesting aspect of the track is the new-wave angle to their sound, it works intriguingly well and confirms that Kingdom of Crows have no intention of sitting on their laurels when it comes to pushing their sound, excellent stuff once again.

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