Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Single: WASPS - Future Endeavours

WASPS Future Endeavours

WASPS - Future Endeavours

Info: Meeting through the Belfast gig scene Danny McCelland and Charlie Cairns bonded over the fact they both have And So I Watch You From Afar tattoos. This got them talking music and they joined forces to create math-rock duo WASPS. The intricate guitar lines and explosive drums came out of them like a firestorm, inspired by the genre and the band their tattoos were after.

WASPS released their first single 'Godzilla is Dead' in December 2016. Word travelled fast and the excitement locally was evident as they were repeatedly stopped in the streets of Belfast to buy their CD’s which they quickly sold out of. For a band less than 6 months old they have been embraced by the Belfast rock scene, already supporting local up and comings Making Monsters, Anto and the Echoes and Sister Ghost.

WASPS' second single 'Future Endeavours' is most certainly an instant attention grabber. Rollicking guitar riffs and pounding percussion provide the backdrop to a track that is straight out of the U.S. underground math-rock textbook. There's a crunching yet cheeky charm to 'Future Endeavours', with the Derry / Belfast pair whipping us up gradually to a finale which cordially smacks us in the face. This all despite the lyrical subject matter dealing with providing a strong glimmer of light when all seems dark. Vocally it's also impressive, with McClelland letting fly with ease and capturing both the intensity and brevity of the song perfectly. This is a band I would very, very much like to see live, and will.

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