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Track: Naoise Roo - Crying (Roy Orbison Cover)

Naoise Roo Crying Roy Orbison
Photo: Laura Sheeran

Naoise Roo - Crying (Roy Orbison Cover)

Info: Dublin's Naoise Roo continues her effervescent streak with a live a cappella version of Roy Orbison's sombre yet much loved hit "Crying". The track was recorded live in Dublin, Ireland last weekend at a fundraising and awareness event hosted by Dublin Digital Radio to raise funds for Strike 4 Repeal. Roo's stunning vocals take this classic track to a new level of gripping intensity.  

Released on March 8th, 2017, in honor of International Women's Day - a global event celebrating women's achievements in all aspects of society, culture, and politics to help promote gender equality, Naoise's spell-binding and hypnotic cover is mesmerizing in its stark retelling, injecting a fierceness and strength that recalls the intensity of both PJ Harvey and Siouxsie Sioux.

"Crying has been covered by so many artists, all touched by it's stark sense of loneliness and heartbreak. It's a song that means a lot to me and considering the various negative circumstances for women in Ireland right now,  I just felt compelled to sing it. It's an emotional outlet, which speaks for itself"

Naoise Roo Whelan's Remy Connolly
Photo: Remy Connolly

Roy Orbison's 1961 release of 'Crying' made the number 2 spot on the Billboard charts upon its release, and was placed at #4 for the whole year by them. A 1981 rcover of the track by Don McLean was probably the most successful, reaching number 1 in the UK that year, a few years later, Orbison himself would re-release the single as a duet with K.D. Lang. Here Naoise Roo certainly adopts a unique interpretation of the track, a soul-baring version that is giving fitting respect courtesy of her immense vocal talent and ability to transfer emotion with great ease.

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