Sunday, 26 March 2017

Video: Kevin Nolan - Last Days of Harry Carey

Kevin Nolan The Last Days of Harry Carey
Photo: Nathan Fagan

Kevin Nolan - Last Days of Harry Carey

Info: Kevin Nolan's Fredrick & The Golden Dawn album had a gestation period over over 8 years, like an artist at a pottery wheel, the process didn't end until every nook and cranny in each song was perfectly moulded, and a precise standard had been reached. As part of a documentary on the musician currently in the works by director Nathan Fagan, a number of the songs from the album were filmed on the stage of the Axis Theatre in Ballymun, the latest to be released being 'The Last Days of Harry Carey'. It's a wonderful performance from an individual who can only be considered in the highest regard, as one of our finest song-writers at present.

The video was directed by the award-winning filmmaker Nathan Fagan and filmed in the Axis Ballymun theatre. It captures a live performance by Kevin, his unique and dramatic delivery is fully realised and well captured by the Irish-Canadian director. Nathan Fagan is in the process of making Hum, a short documentary portrait of Kevin Nolan.

For those who want to look further, "Last Days Of Harry Carey" is just the tip of the iceberg as regards the rest of Nolan's critically acclaimed debut album "Fredrick and The Golden Dawn". Go explore it.

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