Saturday, 22 April 2017

Single: THUMPER - Fear of Art

THUMPER Fear of Art

THUMPER - Fear of Art

Info: In the run up to the release of their third EP, Pop! Goes The Weasel, which will be out in May on Little L Records, Dublin pop-punk-rockers THUMPER have shared their brand new single, 'Fear of Art'. 

The magic behind THUMPER lies in their ability, proven over time, to consistently write songs that you initially enjoy, but as time goes by and you come back to them, the subconscious part of your brain informs you that you love them an awful lot. I had this moment only last week when I was listening to another Dublin band's EP on a streaming App and one of their singles from last year, 'Rent Is Due' came on via the algorithm, damn that track is so bloody good I thought, THUMPER are great.

The second great thing about the band is that they give you what you want, but it never comes across as repetitive or reinventing the wheel, far from it. We are given the noise, distortion and vocal effects we've become accustomed to, but each track is absolutely distinct. So it is with 'Fear of Art', where previous single 'The Loser' was a nuclear explosion of static, on the latest single we have a bone fide early 90's Seattle grunge vibe injected with a hyper-version of the The Dandy Warhol's debut 1995 album Dandys Rule OK. Once again it THUMPER leave us fully gratified, they should consider mixing things up a little at this stage and release a shit single.

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