Thursday, 6 April 2017

Video: Daithí - Holiday Home

Daithí Holiday Home
Photo: Ruth Medjber

Daithí - Holiday Home

Info: Daithí has presented the title track from his new Ep 'Holiday Home' this week, an intense instrumental techno track inspired by late night driving on county roads in Ireland. Daithí on 'Holiday Home':

"I do a lot of driving late at night after playing shows, and driving home to Co. Clare feels very solitary. There's something interesting about playing to a room full of people, and then suddenly being completely alone in the middle of nowhere, with only your thoughts and some tunes to keep you company".

The track follows the theme of Daithi's new EP, which utilizes self-recorded natural sounds and samples based in Irish culture. "Every sample should have a backstory, every song should be personal. The main rhythm in this track is a recording of an 11 year old bodhrán player who won the all Ireland Fleadh in the 90's".

It's strange how an almost static visual can capture a track so well, Daithí's use of natural sounds on 'Holiday Home' are minimal, but their impact is not, they are familiar, and excuse the pun, appropriately scene-setting. The parallel of the sampled beat and Daithí's electronic wizardry are more than merry bed-fellows, sitting perfectly beside each other and giving a laid-back yet confident drive to the track. 

It's remarkable that the sample of the bodhrán player was, at the time of its original recording, performed by an 11 year-old, by far one of the trickier percussion / rhythm instruments to master, let alone at such a young age. Kudos to Daithí for researching and unearthing it, which may seem like a by-product of the track, but is so much more. Something skillful that could well have been forever forgotten, gets a new and permanent lease of life via the medium of electronic music, who would have thought it at the time, and that knowledge adds immeasurably to the magic that is 'Holiday Home'.

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