Friday, 5 May 2017

EP: Lastigband - Torpido

Lastigband Torpido

Lastigband - Torpido EP

Info: Lastigband are an experimental garage pop act from North Wales.
Following on from the band’s appearance at Greenman Festival last year, this is Torpido, the new EP from psychedelic four piece Lastigband. Torpido was recorded at Drwm Studio in December 2016. Mixed by Llyr Pari. Mastered by Iwan Morgan. Artwork by Luned Vaughan Williams.

Released on the wonderful Welsh indie label Recordiau Cae Gwyn just last week, North Welsh four-piece Lastigband have released their new EP, Torpido, a divine trip through contemporary psychedelic garage sounds. Opening with the acid-fused 'Jelo', a swaggering ethereal introduction precedes strung-out percussion, guitar progressions and otherworldly vocals that call you from the flipside of your mind. 

Second track 'Ti'n Rhydd' ('You're Free') sits more firmly in their self-ascribed garage-pop leanings, electro drum-pad beats lead the way through another trippy voyage down the rabbit hole, this feeling accentuated by the tingling chime effects. On 'Arnofio' ('Floating') Lastigband put the pedal to the metal, it's a chugging and punchy number that combines lovely sparks of hard guitar strumming and a thick wad of a bass-line, this one is all about the rhythm and the swing.

Closing off with the enjoyably brash opening of 'Rhedeg' ('Run'), again punchy bass-lines and beats drive the momentum behind the vox and guitar riffs, there's an endearing nonchalance to everything here, and indeed across the EP as a whole. Torpido doesn't really sound like anything in particular, from any particular era or time, there are little hints hear and there, but barely enough to grasp hold off, which in itself is a hard to achieve bonus.

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