Saturday, 27 May 2017

Feature: O.ccult - Elephants & Mary

o.ccult Elephants Mary
Photo: Rotem Bahar Rozen

O.ccult - Elephants

Info: o.ccult is a collaboration between electronic design and lo-fi songwriting.
Chen Firsel & AMO collaborated first as part of Memory in plant back in 2014.
at the beginning of 2016 the two have started this new and minimalistic project. This is their child.

Israeli act Memory in Plant always laid the basis of their sound in stark instrumentalism, incorporating psychedelia and ambient escapism to good effect, with the first single from their debut EP as o.ccultSame, they have reached for a richer and more frontal electronic vibe.

'Elephants' is the fourth single from debut EP, 'Same'. It starts with a minimalistic arrangement of sounds and vocals and continues to unknown spaces of synths, time and animals. Meanwhile 'Mary' is a simple fairy-tale, that dives under cold water only to rise again later, peacefully. O.ccult collaborated with Sarai Darmon for some additional smooth vocals, as well with Noy Baskin who created the sheep cover art.

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