Thursday, 4 May 2017

Single: Pine ¶he Pilcrow - Dahlia

Pine The Pilcrow Dahlia
Photo: Ruth Medjber

Pine The Pilcrow - Dahlia

Info: Pine ¶he Pilcrow write stilling, lullaby-esque music compromising of
piano (Kevin Murray), cello (Robert Campbell) and fiddle (Hannah Ryan). With a combination of gruff and angelic vocals, melancholic melody lines evoke emotion as they drop onto your ear and cause a ripple of reflection.

The band's first EP received very high praise! As well as winning The Last
Mixed Tape's 'Readers EP of the Year', their song 'It's Only Love was' included in
Nialler9's, TLMT, The Thin Air's and many mores 'Best Of 2016' lists.

Named after 18th century Swedish botanist Anders Dahl, the dahlia is renowned for it's multi-layered flower which relies on it's attractive appearance for pollination as a result of being scentless. Whilst Pine The Pilcrow are an attractive bunch, thankfully there is more to them than appearance. Following the release of last years very well-received self-titled debut EP, the trio now release the first single (with video) for 'Dahlia' from their forthcoming sophomore EP which is due for release later this month. 

The three-piece once again manage to hold our focus with sparse and pointed moments, such as the repetitious piano progression, and then whisk us up into a whirlpool of keys, strings and harmonies to borderline ecstatic climaxes, and gently, back down again. In many ways, all of their songs released to date deserve the visual treatment, the video for the current single was filmed by Freida Freytag, and accomplishes what the music seems to intend, by drawing our attention to dramatic, and then to the contemplative moments, and back again. We eagerly await EP no. 2 now.

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