Friday, 5 May 2017

Video: David Keenan - Cobwebs

David Keenan Cobwebs

David Keenan - Cobwebs

Info: Back in March David Keenan released his latest single, 'Cobwebs', and just yesterday, 4th of May, the accompanying video was launched. A gentle yet powerful ballad, 'Cobwebs' has often become the defining moment of many of Keenan's live shows, the point where the penny finally drops with the audience, yes, this is happening. The video by Myles O'Reilly ably provides the dual scene of observational storyteller and the unfolding scene all at once.

In the March review I noted; "With 'Cobwebs' Keenan does exactly what he says on the tin, taking us through one of his stories, picture by picture, with a smash and grab of the heart. It feels like a story of love, interspersed with moments where the story-teller is briefly distracted by the seemingly mundane if humorous events unfolding around him; 'There's a wino barking at the pan-flute player, at the top of Jervis Street, urging him to get a real job, help out....I smile at the irony'. 

From those colourful anecdotes Keenan delivers a searing verse, from soft to hammer-blow in an instant; 'Long story short, she informed me of my flaws, as Russian dolls smashed against the bedroom wall, come away from the window ledge, you'll catch your death of cold, and you'll be no use to anyone....least of all me'."

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