Thursday, 8 June 2017

Single: Bear Worship - Art in the Artifice

Bear Worship - Art in the Artifice

Info: Karl Knuttel aka Bear Worship first wandered into our lives and ears with the glorious 'Our Friends' and 'Pagodas' singles a year and a half ago which was easily one of Remy's Top 10 Irish singles of 2016. Delightfully he has returned with another slice of electro-pop wonder in new single 'Art in the Artifice', his uniquely trembling vocal and harmony effects are right to the forefront from the get-go and lead right into him turning the musical screw. It's like Beach House if they stopped being a little too melodramatic for a moment, or the members of Animal Collective all reading of entirely different scripts. Quite simply it's another delightful single from Bear Worship and oh my what we would do with an album full of the like, thankfully, one is just around the corner...

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