Sunday, 9 July 2017

Album: Breezy iDeyGoké - AfroBreeze

Breezy Ideygoke - AfroBreeze

Info: Of Nigerian descent, Breezy Ideygoke grew up in Ireland and after studying music and media technology at University of Limerick began focusing on producing and making his own music. Currently based in Liverpool in the U.K., Ideygoke has just released his new album AfroBreeze which he describes as fusing; "...a range of sounds from old school hip-hop, house to R&B and AfroPop. The project for me is outside of the box of my usual style of music. I felt I needed to make it not only for myself but to reflect a first generation culture that may be unfamiliar to a lot of people."

Ideygoke traverses a wide range of styles on AfroBreeze, opening with the urban grime sounds of latest single, 'Afro Fire' (which recently featured on The Irish Times' recommended Irish music section), he also reveals a pop and r'n'b sound with 'Shall I Render' and 'Papa Don't Want That' which features Josué Patrice to give it a solid reggae edge. Other highlights include 'Take Time', 'Afro Calling' and closer 'Blessings', all of which evidence a wide array of ideas operating in Ideygoke's musical mind.

Breezy iDeyGoké - Afro Fire

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