Saturday, 15 July 2017

Photos: Gigonometry - Montauk Hotel, The Clockworks & Silent Interlude

Montauk Hotel

All photos: Remy Connolly

Info: The monthly Gigonometry sessions run by Dave Conway at The Workman's Club have been going for a number of years now and showcase the best up and coming Irish acts with a perfect balance of quality and quantity. Selected through a myriad of sources, first-hand attendance at live shows, online research and a knack of capturing acts just as they're about to take off on the upward trajectory in their music career, Gigonometry consistently manage to provide a full four-band roster which is all killer and no filler. Punters can leave after being wooed by the opening act just as much as the headliner, making the monthly event a must see for those with a love of live music and even just a passing interest in the current state of independent music in Ireland.

Dave Conway Gigonometry
Dave Conway, Gigonometry founder

Thursday night was no exception on Wellington Quay in Dublin city centre, the roster featuring Davie Furey (with accompaniment from EllyD), Silent Interlude, The Clockworks and Montauk Hotel. Unfortunately we arrived just at the very end of Furey's set, and were then straight into ambient indie four-piece Silent Interlude who were a brand new experience, and unsurprisingly a highly enjoyable one given standard on display. Silent Interlude moved with ease between instrumental build-ups and crashing peaks across their set, their were some zinging solo guitar moments as they reached the end of their setlist and bassist Seán Walsh pulled some gorgeous vocals and harmonies with lead singer Niamh Walsh out of his top hat.

I've seen Galway rock / indie / ska quartet The Clockworks twice before, but only in the pokey and restrictive environs of the front bar in Whelan's, so was really looking forward to seeing them on a proper stage finally for what was their first appearance at The Workman's. Swagger galore and pumping bass and percussion drove guitarists and vocalists Connelly and McGregor the whole way through their performance. Their snappy vigour and abrupt closing to songs were on display across a high-energy set that included all of their singles to date, 'You Are The Problem', 'Mazda' (wowza - still one of our favourite singles from last year), and latest release 'The World Owes Me A Favour' as well as the more restrained 'Girls Like You' which appeared earlier.

The Clockworks

Finally we had the intimidatingly cool Montauk Hotel who are set to release their next single in the middle of next month. Their sound provided a nice contrast as the night came to a close, and even though I never really thought about it much before, when it was remarked at how tight and natural their performance has become, on the night I really started to take more notice as their set went on. It did feel very self-assured, like they had been doing this for many years rather than just over one. 

As with their EP launch earlier this year upstairs in Whelan's, I once again got absorbed into the set by the second song, you kind of become unaware of your surroundings with this band, in an enchanting and other-worldly kind of way. Of course we were treated to their entire EP during the set, with single 'Black Dress', the emotive 'Dust' and also '1984' to close proceedings, a track that has become my favourite of theirs due to the fact that I feel it captures all of their elements in one place.

It was another great night at The Workman's and I have it on good authority that the August Gigonometry is going to have one of their most insanely talented line-ups to date, I may even be cutting my holidays short to get back for it, keep an eye on their Facebook page for the line-up announcement.

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