Sunday, 16 July 2017

Single: Marlon Brando Island - Circle of Throats / Drunk Driving

Marlon Brando Island Circle of Throats

Marlon Brando Island - Circle of Throats

Info: London post-punk / indie three-piece Marlon Brando Island released two new tracks last month, 'Circle of Throats' and 'Drunk Driving'. The former has a dark 80's post-punk intro, with prominent bass-lines and drums to the fore at its intro, as the track progresses it veers closer to more modern sounds, á la Interpol back in the good old days. The peaks are executed perfectly and the vocals have echoes of a certain Paul Hewson in a recording studio on Dublin's docklands when things were starting to gain momentum.

Marlon Brando Island - Drunk Driving

'Drunk Driving' recalls the theatrical kookiness of Jarvis Cocker's Pulp circa Disco 2000. It's a very nice blend of indie guitar rock from that era and a present day interpretation of the same style with a manic high tempo not a million miles apart from The War on Drugs musically. Guitars, percussion and vocals are combined in an incessant triumvirate which pushes the listener forward at high-speed as all three band members rip through the track. Both songs are refreshing and invigorating in all of the best ways, and are far more appealing than most of the offerings which fill large venues in the U.K. and Ireland at present.

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