Sunday, 16 July 2017

Video: Waldorf & Cannon - Omit The Logic

Waldorf & Cannon Omit The Logic
Photo: Jay Doherty

Info: Waldorf & Cannon are an alternative multi-instrumentalist duo from Derry & Donegal.​ Philip Wallace aka Waldorf plays a Farmer Footdrum kit, Danelectro guitars, Hohner harmonicas and sings. Oisi​n Cannon plays a Danelectro 58 Longhorn bass and sings. Although there are only 2 members, they sound like a full 5/6 piece band​. ​Together they create a unique alt sound heavily laden with stirring harmonies and catchy hooks often sharing and swapping lead vocals during a single song. Influenced by many acts including Pixies, Nirvana, Devo, Fugazi, Link Wray, Little Walter and Beck.​

Northern hard rock duo Waldorf & Cannon recently released what is probably their most crunching single to date with 'Omit The Logic'. It's a disorientating and highly enjoyable mix of styles, like a trinity of Rage Against The Machine, early Wolfmother and vocally like Robert Plant with his balls in a vice, if you can imagine those heights. The mix of angst rock, hip-hop vox and psychedelic breakdowns is quite the experience, and there's an absolutely stonking face-melter of a 20-second guitar solo as we enter the final third. Yum.

You can find Waldorf & Cannon's debut LP, Old Dogs New Tricks at the below streaming links.

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