Sunday, 13 August 2017


NEWT Belfast EP

Info: Belfast alternative rock and indie four-piece NEWT released a funky and snappy debut single, 'Climax' in May of last year (video below), and following that in February, launched their debut self-titled EP. With airplay for all three tracks on BBC Radio Foyle already under their belt, the band recently played the Sunflowerfest in their home city at the end of last month. Plans are currently underway to release another music video to accompany lead-single 'Not Around'.

In contrast to their debut single, the EP opens with a bone-crunching rock riff and percussion followed quickly buy math-rock guitar progressions, there's a small hint of Ash's debut mini-album Trailer here both musically and vocally. As the song progresses it gets firmly present-day, and bloody catchy too, this is how I like my indie-rock, heavy but sharp instrumentation.

Second track 'On The Edge' booms open with a banging snare and a swinging guitar rhythm and my the middle of the track we're in dancefloor indie wonderland, should I rock out or move dem hips? Why not both. In the lighter moments the vocals and music nod a rockier version of the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club, it's an interesting mix of sounds and most engaging.

NEWT wrap up their debut EP with the industrial 80's rock sounds of 'DANCE', and by now you can see that they haven't entirely abandoned that merry funk vibe of their debut single. They're straddling indie-pop and heavy rock very well at this point and it sounds remarkably tight, as does the whole EP, and there's even a wee bluesy riff thrown in at the end for good measure. I'm totally down with this sound and what NEWT are aiming for, it's the right amount of experimental and sells the band very well in terms of wanting to see them live.

NEWT - Climax

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