Thursday, 10 August 2017

Single: San Jua - Swirls in the Swimming Pool

San Jua Swirls in the Swimming Pool

San Jua - Swirls in the Swimming Pool

Info: 'Swirls In The Swimming Pool' takes San Jua's dream pop sound to a literal level with hallucinogen-induced dream states of water and sleep paralysis luring the listener into a world of waves and washes of escapology.

Singer Mags, born in Sweden raised in Germany and now residing again in Sweden sings over bubbling pulses and drenched piano loops. She's lost in a dreamscape of entrapment on the verses of 'Swirls In The Swimming Pool' yet shares the freedom of expanse in the chorus.

The silent English 50% of San Jua offers production and backing vocals that are side chained with washed out waves and production that concerns itself with both sounding awash and simultaneously powerful.

Self-producing every aspect of the project means San Jua are sharing music in their own good time but with a burgeoning hard drive full of music they're planning live gigs as a 4 piece in the coming months in London and might move beyond demos to actually putting out a single in 2017 but then again they might not.

San Jua create a sound that is both suffocating and exhilarating all at once on their latest track, 'Swirls in the Swimming Pool'. The slow-building synth intro soon becoming enveloped in a persistent bass-line with soft dream-pop vocals and electronic effects lapping incessantly around it. Previous recordings 'Break Your Fall' and 'Laid To Waste' accentuate that tempo-driven energy which at times recalls Beach House and The XX.

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