Thursday, 24 August 2017

Video: Ryan Kelly - G.O.N.E

Ryan Kelly G.O.N.E.

Ryan Kelly - G.O.N.E

Info: Dublin solo act Ryan Kelly recently released his second single with accompanying video for 'G.O.N.E' (above). The track is a gentle and heart-felt ballad which rather endearingly reflects on the joy and pain package which comes with youthful romance, almost always destined to end poorly for at least one party. Musically the track moves between swells of elation and disappointment led by a crescendo of guitars and cymbals and brought back down to earth with Kelly's emotive vocal and soft piano playing. On 'G.O.N.E' we see him displaying a keen awareness of delivering feeling in tandem with his music and plenty of scope for expanding and experimenting with his sound on future releases.

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