Saturday, 9 September 2017

Single: Just Mustard - Tainted

Just Mustard Tainted

Just Mustard - Tainted

Info: Dundalk five-piece Just Mustard share their new single 'Tainted' today, which comes in between last year's glorious self-titled EP and their debut album which is expected in early 2018. There's is a sound that is difficult to pigeon-hole, of course you can here certain styles like dream-pop, lo-fi rock, noise rock and shoegaze to name but a few. It's how these are blended together like multiple paint colours that makes the sound stand out, you see them all at the start but then when they merge it becomes something entirely unique and indiscernible. 

An addiction to experimentation is what will never see them stand still and this is exemplified on 'Tainted' with aplomb. Opening with a haunting atmospheric vocal and gently hovering electric guitar sustain, on my first ever listen to the single when the drums kicked in and the guitar rose and fell subtly the hairs stood on end. Bringing that sharp percussion to the fore and right up front only to be consumed mercilessly by fuzzed out distortion is magical, the vocals remain unnervingly calm and assured in a maelstrom of distortion. 

There's a mastery in how everything is controlled and the power and tempo rise mechanically, almost orchestral in how tightly managed proceedings are executed. As you reach the final minute you are gone, gone, gone and have just experienced one of the best Irish experimental rock moments of the year. It is so good to have Just Mustard back with new material and we'll be ticking off the days on the calendar until the debut album comes out.

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