Saturday, 21 October 2017

Premiere: John Hynes - I'm Gonna Try

JOHN HYNES - I'm Gonna Try

John Hynes - I'm Gonna Try

Info: REMY is very proud to premiere the second single from Kildare singer-songwriter John Hynes, 'I'm Gonna Try', which officially launches on the 17th of November, followed by a live show on the 1st of December in The Workman's Club, Dublin. Once again Hynes perfectly captures the era when pop music was transforming from purely youthful innocence into more thoughtful themes and lyricism. The stage that was set by the likes of Del Shannon and Buddy Holly developed into something deeper by the time Roy Orbison was hitting his peak with his own brand of baroque pop in the mid-60's.

At a time when it appears that the depth in pop song-writing is once again in reverse, solace can be found in the releases by Hynes to date, with 'I'm Gonna Try' being a brutally honest introspective; "I still feel like a coward when I talk my way out of a fight, I get tired of acting, the strong silent type I won’t survive any wars, I dreamt I’d be a hero, who’d risk it all for a cause". In addition there is much pleasure to be drawn from the pace and comforting sound of the music which tempers the emotion most well and allows Hynes to deliver his rousing optimistic finale.

Inspired by his own journey from accountant to artist and the role of men in the modern world, 'I'm Gonna Try' is a slice of timeless pop from the Kildare singer-songwriter.

Growing up, John idealised James Bond, cowboys and footballers. 'I'm Gonna Try' comes from questioning whether men can still embody the traditional roles as well as learning to be more emotionally expressive. It's a song about change, maturity and the acceptance of one’s own limitations.

Spending his formative years working in his father's hardware shop in Leixlip, John studied finance and worked in 'good pensionable' jobs for a number of years. During this time his musical aspirations were hidden from the world, but he kept writing songs and learning his craft. 

Having attended therapy and gaining new insight and confidence in himself, John released his debut single 'Caroline, I’m Yours' to great acclaim earlier this year. 

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