Saturday, 28 October 2017

Single: GaniyuTLG - Nandos ft. Skilyt (Prod. by PlantFood)

Ganiyu TLG - Nandos ft. Skilyt PlantFood
Photo: Mike Lawal

GaniyuTLG - Nandos ft. Skilyt (Produced by PlantFood)

Info: Long-term Dublin hip-hop collaborators GaniyuTLG and PlantFood have hooked up once again, this time being joined by Tallaght rapper Skilyt on their latest single 'Nandos'. One of the previous singles the pair worked on 'Shivers' featuring HUVA was selected for Nialler9's 'New Music' section in The Irish Times' banc in January. 

On 'Nandos' the duo go for a more mellow vibe in comparison to 'Shivers', and PlantFood has added a decidedly more ambient electronic sound to accompany GaniyuTLG and Skilyt's rapping. The production is slick and the track is a very timely exemplar of just how far Irish hip-hop and rap music has come over the last couple of years. We're finally reaching a point thanks to a number of acts such as Mango & Mathman, 5th Element, Rusangano Family and This Side Up to name a small few of the many, (and now the trio here on 'Nandos') where we can cast off comparisons to UK and US acts and they are carving out their own local sound. And how about that bike chain movement, could watch it all day!

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