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Video: Junior Brother - Hungover At Mass

Junior Brother - Hungover At Mass

Junior Brother - Hungover At Mass

Info: Since making the full-time move from his home county of Kerry to Dublin just over a year ago, Ronan Kealy, aka Junior Brother, has been relentless with regards to his involvement in the live music scene in the capital, as well as festivals outside of it. In a very short space of time he has honed his live performance to perfection and with a reputation gathering pace, is now a must see live act.

Taken from his six-track EP, Fuck Off I Love You which was released last summer (the follow up to 2013's excellent debut Sleeping at the Bottom of the Sea) he has now released a video for single 'Hungover at Mass', a firm crowd favourite. The stop-motion video was produced by Bowsie Workshop with concept by Ben O'Connor and Kealy himself.

To catch Junior Brother live over the coming weeks be sure to head along to one of the following;

5th October - The Workman's Club, Dublin
7th October - Bellurgan Park, Dundalk 
14th October - ANSEO, Camden Street, Dublin
20th October - The Cobblestone, Smithfield, Dublin
5th November - The International, Wicklow Street, Dublin

Junior Brother - Hungover At Mass Single

I cannot face communion, I have to go away, 
The food in my intestine, does not want to stay. 
Maybe it was the mulled wine, gone off since the fourth, 
I have to get up and leave, shit this is awkward. 

Hungover at mass. 
Hungover on a Sunday. 
Hungover at mass. 

I made it through the river, of old people's knees, 
Now half the church is looking, directly at me, 
Standing by the altar, I think they think I know, 
That I want to do a reading, but I just want to go. 

Hungover at mass. 
My body's in a bad way. 
Hungover at mass. 
I can feel the Devil in me. 

O a fear has gripped me, I feel everyone's eyes, 
Even the baby Jesus statue comes alive, 

I'm nearly fucking sprinting, how long's this fucking church. 
Does God want me embarrassed? Does Jesus have me cursed? 
All the lads from last night will think I can't hold beer. 
I'd rather be seen legless, than seen throwing up here. 

Hungover at mass. 
Trying to get the head straight. 
Hungover at mass. 
Maybe I drank the devil, Maybe the devil got in me 
Maybe I drank the devil, Maybe the devil got in me 
Maybe the devil got in me 
Last Night.

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