Saturday, 4 November 2017

Album: The Midwestern Bass Machine - The Midwestern Bass Machine

The Midwestern Bass Machine - Brock Splawski

Info: We've been covering the music of The Midwestern Bass Machine from Minneapolis since the summer of 2015, and DIY electro-pop solo artist Brock Splawski never ceases to bring joy to our ears. From the serene and operatic opener 'Airwave' to the highly retro early 80's NYC hip-hop of latest single, the excellent 'Downtown Trash' it's the work of an individual whose mind is awash with ideas and wild experimentation. On his new self-titled album, TMWBM launches you from unabandoned joyous pop to instrumental escapist dream sequences and other places you didn't know existed.

In summary this LP is like Bryan Ferry (see / hear 'Someone To Dance With') meets a modern day Simple Minds on 'Little Queen'. But what consistently piques interest with Splawski's music is how he corrals easy dream-pop listening with wild out there tangents, 'Vacation' being a perfect example, if you want to capture everything in one go listen to this track. To blend techno, dream-pop and dare I say it, IDM like this and simultaneously contrast it and match it with what has come before displays a great mind at work.

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