Friday, 24 November 2017

EP: Look To The Lady - Delirium

Look to the Lady - Delirium

Info: Hailing from county Wicklow, Look to the Lady are a hard-hitting alternative rock / indie band with powerful female vocals at the forefront of their guitar driven sound. Formed in 2012, the five-piece have graced many stages including the Button Factory, the Workmans Club and the Whelans' Ones to Watch festival. The band have achieved success with their 2014 EP 'Mechanical Lights' as well as with their two most recent singles 'My Name' and 'Distant Waves' hinting at the sounds of their new EP, 'Delirium', recorded on a week long escape to Portlaoise in 2016.

'Sixteen' sees Look to the Lady get straight down to business with a feisty punch of loaded guitar riffs and whalloping drums, Kelly Bolger positing an 80's pop-rock vocal. As the track passes the half-way point the opening frolics make way for a delightfully harder rock edge with some highly enjoyable solos and an outpouring of energy. Single 'My Name' which featured here back in June on one of our playlists noting; "There's so much to enjoy on this track, it's like an homage to 90's alternative indie rock, but without a band from the era to compare it to." That 90's rock vibe is to be heard from start to finish on Delirium and the band execute it very well in their song-writing, it's easy to appreciate the thought and nuances that have been put into the tracks.

Look To The Lady - My Name

The dizzying opening to the EP is somewhat tempered on third track 'Hello Halo', guitars glimmer softly in the middle ground, the lyrics indicating a reflection of a protagonist who is held in high regard by their peers but suffers from fragile and crippling self-doubt and insecurity. 'Fantasy' reverts back to that early rock-pounding and is probably the most ground-moving track on Delirium, there can be no mistake from this point as to what makes Look to the Lady tick. The group have old school hard-rock coursing through their veins, at times recalling Chris Cornell's Audioslave and at others dirty 80's rock riffs.

Closing with the lament of 'Take Me Somewhere' which is closer to Cornell's contemporary back in the day Eddie Vedder, there's an unplugged Pearl Jam feel to the mood and sound of the song, and as is their wont, we get one last dollop of anthemic lead-guitar. When you listen back to their 2014 debut EP Mechanical Lights the progression is clear, the raw and rough edges have been polished and Look to the Lady now know what their sound is and how to deliver on it. For fans of rock music who may feel side-lined by the styles of music which are popular among alternative Irish music lovers, this is where it's at.

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