Tuesday, 5 December 2017

News: EHCO @ The Bowery with Alex Smyth & Burial At Sea - 7th Dec.

EHCO The Bowery

EHCO - Raise It Up

Info: Eoin Withfield (ex-Enemies), Jessica Lord, Rob Ried (ex-Croupier) and a handful of others, have teamed up with and taken Eoin's side project MAU and gone full throttle as EHCO. 

If IDM could finger paint algorithms, this is the result.

Picturesque, vibrant electronic danceables that elude through heart plucking emotion, which will stop you in your tracks and keep your body pulsing.
Whilst your body marries every beat, Jessica's soulfully driving vocals bring such elegance to the euphoric journey, that her soft touch leaves you without any comedown, just the itch for more...

This Thursday EHCO takes to the stage at The Bowery in Rathmines with support from Alex Smyth and Burial At Sea along with some post-industrial synth grooves courtesy of Mea Culpa for the aftershow party. Doors are at 8pm and entry is €8.00, tickets can also be bought in advance via The Bowery website here, with the event being hosted by Venture Presents.

Alex Smyth - CXCVII

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