Saturday, 9 December 2017

Photos: Sub Motion, WOLFF & Scally @ The Workman's Club

Sub Motion The Workman's Club

All photos: Remy Connolly

Info: Begorrah that was some show last night in The Workman's Club with Sub Motion filling the venue and rapidly escalating the intensity of their set until a stage-filled finale brought the audience into the fray for some wonderful chaos. Playing all of the favourites including singles 'Decoy', 'Soccer Mom' and 'Headlights', as well as some brand new material, the five band members threw everything into the mix, a stand-out highlight also being their cover of Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Heads Will Roll'. In support WOLFF swept around the stage for another blues-rock blowout, frontman Johnny Stewart in headmaster mode, cutting out the bullshit of kindly asking the audience to come up to the stage and reminding them they were here for a gig, and not to skulk in the dark at the back of the room, this is not a verbatim recounting but you get the message. 

Before all that Mullingar's Scally and his band The Dirty Rats gave a 1970's punk-rock throwback performance, anarchy on the stage, searing guitar riffs and 50% of the band including the man himself topless with the words 'Filthy Animal' emblazoned across his chest, and a filthy animal he was too as he gesticulated in a sexually provocative manner that had the crowd in shock and led to a cacophony of gasps (this may or may not be true). This was a hard-rock fans line-up, even the music being played in between acts was of the same timbre, (one suspects selected by Sub Motion themselves) and all three bands delivered animal sets, mission accomplished.

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