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EP: Deep Sky Objects - Deep Sky Objects

Deep Sky Objects
Photo: Jack Deacon

Info: Deep Sky Objects are a three-piece alternative-rock band from Kerry. The band members include brothers Kevin O'Brien (lead vocals, guitar), Thomas O'Brien (drums and backing vocals) and DD Foley (bass guitar and backing vocals). Deep Sky Objects stemmed from a shared mutual interest in groups such as The Smiths, Interpol and Radiohead.

In late 2015 the band began to record a collection of demos, releases under 'We're Done Falling'. With the completion of five tracks the band mixed their material at ‘Sonas Studios’ in Killarney. The tracks were then mastered by Ruairi O’Flaherty in Los Angeles. 'We're Done Falling' went on to physical release in June 2015. Since then Deep Sky Objects have recorded their debut self-titled EP 'Deep Sky Objects' in Whitewell Studios with Ciaran O'Shea. The EP was subsequently mastered by Fergal Davis.

I'm a big fan of first-listen winning, which is what I got from all of the tracks on Deep Sky Objects debut self-titled EP when listened to straight through for the first time. I like all of their aforementioned influences, and something that is always pleasurable is when those bands only mildly ripple through, but enough so that you can get stuck into a set of tracks straight away. For me I heard more strains of Manic Street Preachers, MEW and The Drums on this EP. 

Opener 'This City's At War' is probably the most overt British-sounding indie-rock number out of the five, it's melodic and I love that little baggie Manchester guitar break at the start, mixed with the treacle-dripping bass and crooning vocal refrain, it's a good start to an upward curve as the EP progresses.

'Bones' edges its way into gloomier waters in terms of mood, but that high tempo percussion and rattling bass keep the energy in tow and the vocal on the chorus is ever so spine-tingling. The sudden dropping of sound and then slowly lifting it up again as the drums and bass kick into gear again, almost as if at the push of a button are nicely executed.

'Desire' is where it's at for me, like Beck and his two turntables and a microphone. Hard rock opening and smash and grab percussion, this is a song I need to see live, and I think Kevin O'Brien could be one of the most personable vocalists I've heard in an Irish band in an age, I love this guys voice. You can't play nasty bass and drums without a face-melter coming up at some point, and so it does on 2:11, zinger.

'See You When It's Over' has that barmy and enjoyable early 21st century sound á la Hard-Fi, Maximo Park and Kaiser Chiefs, and again I can picture this being a fairly raucous moment in any live set. The EP finishes strongly on 'Crazy New Addiction', justifying a five track effort, the bass-line along with the song title conjure up images of 80's new wave or post-punk, it's heavy, this is good, and that sinister semi-muted guitar progression and bass at 2:48 is amazing, like Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain' as interpreted by Joy Division, just before one last whallop of all of the elements combine to see us out. Quite frankly a band who deserve a wider listenership and are more than just an exciting prospect.

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