Tuesday, 30 January 2018

New Album Releases: February - Screaming Females, Caroline Rose, All The Luck In The World & more

Screaming Females - All At Once
Screaming Females - Photo: Farrah Skeiky

Info: REMY's monthly new album releases round-up returns for February, featuring singles already released from albums coming out over the next four weeks in the above playlist to give you a flava flav. After having a listen to roughly 30 singles from albums that are dropping in February the nine featured here appeal to me the most, and hopefully will to you too. For those that are interested there will also be new LP's from established acts such as MGMT, Franz Ferdinand, and Wild Beasts (which I believe will be their last).

As mentioned though, these bands and their albums excite me, New Jersey's Screaming Females' All At Once piqued with me a lot, and I ended up checking out all of their recent singles as a result. Alongside what promise to be strong debut's from Sweden's ionnalee and Montréal's FRIGS, we give a big shout out to Wicklow band All The Luck In The World, who are currently based in Berlin, and their sophomore album A Blind Arcade, a taster of which we have in single 'Landmark' and which will be reviewed here on the blog upon release.

There's also music from Brussels via Loma, Tallin, Estonia's Holy Motors and a big, big LIKE from me for Vermont's Caroline Rose, you need her music in your life, I loved her singles to date and can't wait to hear more.

February 2nd:

Field Music - Open Here

Rhye - Blood

February 9th: 

Holy Motors - Slow Sundown

February 16th:

ionnalee - Everyone Afraid to be Forgotten

Loma - Loma

February 23rd:

Caroline Rose - Loner

FRIGS - Basic Behaviour

Screaming Females - All At Once

All The Luck In The World - A Blind Arcade

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