Saturday, 13 January 2018

Single: FЯEAKK Ltd. - P.З.Y.C.H.0

FЯEAKK Ltd. - P.З.Y.C.H.0

FЯEAKK Ltd. - P.З.Y.C.H.0

Info: FЯEAKK Ltd. is the brand new audio-visual project of former VOXX frontman Conor Thornton which received it's first airplay this week on Dan Heagarty's 2FM show. His new sound on 'P.З.Y.C.H.0' is a complete world apart from the glam of the previous band, it is a dark dystopian piece of music, a sort of sensory deprivation which is somehow cathartic courtesy of the vocal. Akin to those moments when you are enveloped in darkness and your mind makes you think you can see the shifting outline of shapes in front of you, but there's nothing there. 

It's a very original sound, and if I was to try, slightly in vain I might add, to describe it in terms of other acts, it would be Death In Vegas' 'Aisha' meets Kraftwerk. There's also a black and white 80's French new wave vibe bubbling on the surface, one thing is for sure, this is an exciting sound and it's with much anticipation that I await the next single.

The full audio-visual package resides on the website below and will be the landing point for future releases also.

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