Thursday, 4 January 2018

Single: Jet Fuel Chemistry - Phantom

Jet Fuel Chemistry - Phantom

Info: Hard Rock newcomers Jet Fuel Chemistry have burst onto the scene in their hometown of Dublin, Ireland where underground venues have been shaken to their foundations by the punchy and uplifting riffs the heavy rock ensemble has to offer. They are a heavily anticipated competitor in this year's Metal To The Masses battle of the bands in Dublin, and further still they are garnering a reputation as a flagship act of the highly reputable Institute of British and Irish Modern Music. 

Dublin's own Dan Cusack is the ever-moving, ever-grooving frontman of the outfit. The three part rhythm section is made up of heavy rhythm guitarist Lorcan Macken, prog-nut Martin Killeen on drums and Russia's very own Danny Bochkov rumbling away on bass. Last but not least, David "Dog" O’Grady sprinkles all the thick bluesy goodness he can muster on top. Notoriously, this band plays hard, and bops like a Ryanair flight in a moderate breeze.

The band have their sights set expanding their fanbase around Ireland and beyond following their first multi-track release in three months time. Until then, you can catch them January 4th at Fibber Magees and February 27th at The Workman's Club (via Ex Oh Promotions).

Hella yes! The first time I listened to Jet Fuel Chemistry's 'Phantom' I was initially cautious, I've always been quite wary of heavy sounding rock and metal that veers a little too close to Linkin' Park or Offspring, nothing wrong with either band, just not my cup of tea overall. Thankfully JFC stuck closer to the other end of the metal / rock spectrum hovering around a guitar sound reminiscent of Audioslave and a delightfully menacing bass that aims its head at Metallica. 

Vocally Dan Cusack mixes clean popular rock vocals with a delightful screech as required. 3:18 is where it all explodes for me, that's the point where I knew I really liked what the five-piece were up to on this debut single. Tonight's show in Fibbers came too soon for me unfortunately but I will be checking these guys out live in 2018, this is a solid opener and I hope they stick to the heavy sound on future releases, I've a feeling they will.

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