Monday, 22 January 2018

Single of the Week: Train Room - Entertainment Nights

Train Room - Entertainment Nights

Train Room - Entertainment Nights

Info: Train Room is the brainchild of Balla, Co. Mayo songwriter, musician and producer Joe Monaghan. Train Room’s first gig was at Dublin showcase Hard Working Class Heroes Festival in October 2016. His debut EP, 'Delicate Bones', brought the band’s distinctive sound to a wider audience with positive reviews from Nialler9 in The Irish Times, GoldenPlec and an interview with Hot Press early last year following. 

Whilst Delicate Bones loosely fit into the folk-pop genre, new single 'Entertainment Nights' from Train Room sees Monaghan dipping his toes in new waters. It's only brief from the outset, but the electronic intro provides the first hint, on the verses we find ourselves in 80's pop-rock ballad territory, the vocals and percussion style attest to this. One of the most pleasant blind-sides you'll come across occurs from 2:37 onwards where Train Room displays his aptitude for some mighty fine prog-rock solos. It's scorching in the best sense, and sets up the energised closing perfectly.

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