Monday, 15 January 2018

Video: 1000 Beasts - Lord (It's OK) feat. Janet Grogan

1000 Beasts - Lord (It's Ok)

1000 Beasts - Lord (It's OK) feat. Janet Grogan

Info: Irish electronic act 1000 Beasts released his latest single 'Lord (It’s OK)' (featuring Janet Grogan) today. This is the third single from 1000 Beasts, following on from his debut 'Wonderland' (featuring Briony) and 'Got This Feeling (Remix)' (featuring Ryan O’Shaughnessy), both released in second half of 2017.

'Lord' is a broken-hearted love ballad reminiscent of Bon Iver, Francis and the Lights, and Cashmere Cat. A compelling vocal performance from Janet Grogan, ‘Lord’ culminates in a sparse yet emotionally powerful vocoder climax at the two-and-a-half minute mark. The video for 'Lord' was shot in Birmingham, directed by Lochlainn McKenna, and stars Beth Antonia and Ray Bethley as the warring couple at the centre of the song.

Cian Sweeney (1,000 Beasts) is one of those rare...animals, three singles in and the pattern is beginning to emerge that there is no pattern. 'Wonderland' was a late 90's Moloko-esque piece of dancefloor trip-hop, 'Got This Feeling' was a more contemporary downtempo electro-pop venture, and O'Shaugnhessy's vocals were the hook to the listener's ear, still worming its way around mine since last year.

And then today new single 'Lord (It's OK)' which is incomparable to both, rn'b grooves and a soul-pop vocal courtesy of Grogan are the overlay for Sweeney's restrained and moody beats and synths on this occasion. His music slithers around warmly in the background before intertwining with the vox on the chorus. The vocoder always seems to draw comparisons to Bon Iver this weather, but let's remember that the great Robert Moog was responsible for making it music-ready as far back as 1970. At times the vox on the track would remind me more of the output of Sydney's Gordi (who incidentally JV is a big fan of!). Ultimately 1,000 Beasts and Janet Grogan have done a stellar job of combining their talents on 'Lord (It's OK)' and I already want an album.

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