Saturday, 10 February 2018

EP: A Great Quiet - Soft Breath and Echoes

A Great Quiet - Soft Breath and Echoes

Info: The 2017 winners of 2FM’s Play The Picnic Competition and recently selected as Whelan's Ones To Watch for 2018, A Great Quiet released their
Debut EP 'Soft Breath and Echoes' on February 2nd. The EP was produced and mixed by established producer James Darkin at Herbert Place Studios in Dublin and mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York.

Over the past 12 months Irish acts have clearly caught up with their U.K. counterparts within the indie-pop genre, acts such as Columbia Mills and The Academic spring to mind. On their debut EP Soft Breath and Echoes, Athy duo A Great Quiet certainly fit comfortably into this movement. A bristling rippled opening courtesy of 'Echoes' sets the tone, this is open-top electro-pop in a nutshell, no punches pulled with its assertive driven tempo and polished layered vocals. 

'Stay Close' sees the pair throw some bombastic funky bass-lines into the mix, a dance-floor groover and shaker. 'Breath' adds pause, a drop off the cliff from the opening two tracks, it's well placed on the EP avoiding running through an entire 4 tracks of incessant high-octane pop mania. That step back is compounded on closer 'A Shared Place' with A Great Quiet displaying that there are additional strings to their musical bow. Whilst it has that uplifting and hopeful disposition of the earlier tracks, it's also sufficiently mellowed out to show that there won't only be one direction the act can go from here on future releases, which needless to say is critical for longevity. Soft Breath and Echoes is a solid start from Will O'Donnell and Aran Cardiff, and you sense they haven't even got out of first gear yet. 

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