Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Single: Kingdom of Crows - We Alone Take The Night

Kingdom of Crows - We Alone Take The Night
Photo: Siska Russell

Info: Dublin duo Kingdom of Crows, whose last album Despondency was released last November, have shared a one-off single via YouTube, 'We Alone Take The Night', which in the words of guitarist Stephen Kelly; "...started out as a riff and it was with us for about a year and we didn't know what to do with it. We reckoned it could be fairly cinematic, especially where Lucy sings "We alone take the night, we alone feel it right between the eyes, we alone cast the die", and the opening piece, our kind of dark alternative rock." 

So we got some help from David McGillicuddy Doyle of VINCI for the grand piano parts and Brian Brennan in the drums and effects areas for the soundscapes. And we love the cinematic vibe they brought to it. Joshua Guest recorded it in Westland Studios. It's a slow burner, like a lot of our stuff. 

Sure Kingdom of Crows could have slipped 'We Alone Take The Night' onto the end (or beginning) of their last album, but I think it kind of deserves its own isolated space. One thing Kelly and Earley have always excelled at is moments of ponderous beauty, but here they serve up an entire track of it. If there was an afterlife, and it was an unending plain of darkness which we drifted in, this song is probably the echo in the distance your soul would be subconsciously drawn to, to try and make sense of it all.

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