Thursday, 19 April 2018

Premiere: The Elephant Room - Connexion

The Elephant Room - Connexion - Premiere

The Elephant Room - Connexion

Info: REMY is thrilled to premiere the brand new single and video 'Connexion' from Dublin-based lo-fi pop band The Elephant Room. The single is taken from their forthcoming EP Music On The Bones which is due for release on the 3rd of May. 

The Elephant Room are the band that the earnest lo-fi music fan can fall in love with straight away, so much haze and mind-drifting is to be found in their music which now spans almost 7 years. You make your own sense of their lyrics, or none at all, either works, as the main objective is to not really think at all, and just submit, switch off your thoughts and let it lap at the edges of your ears and brain; "Blind eyes often find, inside an absent mind, that abstract thought soon gets old. Blood is streaked across the white teeth of an old piano. Your senses are uplifted like a bubble in the breeze."

For those who are new to the band's sound, 'Connexion' perfectly summarises a large part of where they're coming from, there's that off-beat and slightly wonky timing that recalls American acts such as The Lemonheads, Death Cab for Cutie and Pavement. I would highly recommend perusing their discography over at their Bandcamp page (linked below), in particular last single 'Naive Green', as well as 2014 album Body and their delicious debut album Dining With the Dead. Take some time to yourself and disappear into The Elephant Room.

Connexion The Elephant Room

Upcoming gigs:

April 21st - The Bello Bar w/ Stitch Jones, Boom Child and The Motives.

May 11th - The Taproom/Drop Dead Twice E.P. Launch w/ Oh Boland.

June 30th - Fibbers w/ Huntings 

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