Friday, 27 April 2018

Premiere: The Felonies - Berlin Blues

The Felonies - Berlin Blues
Photo: Simon Meagher

The Felonies - Berlin Blues

Info: Today marks the release of the latest single from Wicklow four-piece The Felonies, and REMY is particularly honoured to premiere track 'Berlin Blues' on these pages, one which is sure to be one of the best Irish single releases of 2018. The band have been steering their way through, and exploring, varied takes on rock music since their inception over two years ago. Debut EP Impossible, Impractical veered from rough and tumble post-punk revival Arctic Monkeys homage ('Second Attempt') to contemporary interpretations of mid-60's psych-garage on 'Fire In The Snow'. Move a year further down the road and that early rawness started to settle, but the retention of psychedelic rock was notable on single 'Perfect Lie'. The exciting thing about it all is that this sound progressed seemingly subconsciously, and naturally, they were instinctively treading their own path.

The Felonies

Those early steps were determined, but with their latest single, The Felonies have just skipped a few hurdles, it feels and sounds like they've been around the block a number of times and are now rushing headlong into a chaotic brand of rock music that they are making their own. It's a blistering pipe-bomb of punk-rock anarchy, a race to the finish-line of noise between each of the band members from the very first second, vocals, guitar, bass and goddamn drums trying to smack each other out of the way toward that incendiary climax. Here's a band currently holding the candle for Irish rock fans, and importantly, there's a message behind the music, with 'Berlin Blues' relaying the experience of two of the band members witnessing a sexual assault and the anguish resulting from the perpetrators sense of entitlement which it brought forth.  

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