Thursday, 5 April 2018

Single: Aislinn Logan - 'Spree'

Aislinn Logan - Spree
Photo Credit: Rory James

Info: Having grown up in Belfast and moved to Dundee for university, the young Irishwoman took the step to move to London. "I always wanted to move to London growing up," says Logan. "Although it makes you work for it, things feel a lot more untethered here. I think moving to a brand-new place, where you know practically no-one, and have to stand on your own two feet is incredibly affecting." 

'Spree' is about Logan "Daring someone to let you in a bit more, trying to prize them open." It also feels like a balancing act which mirrors Logan's time in London. Being self-sufficient in a big city can feel impossible when the world surrounds you in a mass of people and endless glass buildings stretching upwards. The song hints at trying to accept there’s a way to tip the scales, a way to keep them steady...and that’s allowing someone in to share the load from time to time. Accepting that change needs to come from inside, sometimes. 

With 'Spree' Aislinn Logan achieves that lovely posit of her song meaning something certain to her, whilst it can be interpreted as something quite different to the listener. Infused with retro-synths and neon moods, the track hovers between upbeat and forlorn, the protagonist clearly sharing a painful memory but simultaneously asking us to look beyond these experiences to a brighter horizon. In some ways, every negative and every positive moment sculpts who we are, little chips gradually falling off our self until we arrive at the most self-assured existence we can hope to find. Logan captures this time-honoured journey perfectly in the lyrics of 'Spree', and the music is the chisel. 

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