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Single: August Wells - Nothing Like Love

August Wells -Nothing Like Love
Photo: Sarah Iannone

August Wells - Nothing Like Love

Info: August Wells make a warped soulful return to Irish airwaves this April, with the release of 'Nothing Like Love' the first single to be taken from their forthcoming third album.

Ken Griffin and John Rauchenberger’s songs have struck a chord with music listeners here and further afield. With their two critically acclaimed albums to date 'A Living and a Dying Game' and the excellent 'Madness Is the Mercy' which along with a string of fine singles has seen them received warmly by music shows across the dial. Their music speaks of the fragility of the human condition while all the while providing twists of humour and hope.

'Nothing Like Love' is a 3 minute drama about being pushed aside by love. Like Bill Withers singing a Lou Reed song August Wells dance along the edge.

The new single from August Wells, 'Nothing Like Love', which is released tomorrow, came right at a time when I'd been spending a lot of time listening to Madness Is The Mercy, their last album, again recently, and probably listening to it in a more fulsome way than I had before. I love how the lyrics of their songs make me think about things I probably haven't thought about in a long time, that's not to say I don't think about love often, but I probably don't pause to think about what it means to me right now. 

There's such a nice and heart-warming swell to the sound on their new single, breezy might be a bit of an understatement, but when you let Rauchenberger's calming piano plod seep in, and when Ken Griffin goes through verse and chorus you feel like you're on a mini-biographical journey. It starts from the first overwhelming time you thought you were in love but really weren't (it was chemistry and hormones), to the time you knew you actually were in love, and where you are now, or, where are you now? I'm kind of at a Roy Orbison moment with August Wells, where I could just be so happy listening to anything they write, the music gets you first, and then later on you listen, and it's all good.

August Wells play The Workman's Club this Sunday, 15th of April, event info is here

Additional upcoming tour dates;

Tues 17th Apr - Ballinard Gigs - Baltimore
Thurs 19th Apr – Coughlan’s – Cork
Sat 21st Apr – Levis – Ballydehob
Sat 5 th May – Vinyl Dublin Festival

More to be announced………

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