Saturday, 21 April 2018

Single: Happyalone. - bodybags

Happyalone. - bodybags

Info: Cork trio Happyalone. seem to inexorably advance in leaps and bounds with each passing single, where their first track 'colours' was a beyond gorgeous mellow lo-fi affair that is still one of the best debuts I've heard from an electronic act, 'ur eyes' moved toward more atmospheric dub and trance, and signalled a big shift in sound. 'bodybags' though is a fire-starter, this is by far their best single, vocally it hits emotive levels, and this is a track that fans of Massive Attack's uncomfortable to listen to at times, yet a masterpiece, Mezzanine, will adore, namely, and in more ways than one, 'Inertia Creeps'. 'bodybags' is a huge leap in a very short space of time, I've no idea how Happyalone. became so good so soon. Someone, somewhere, book these guys for a gig in Dublin asap.

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