Saturday, 7 April 2018

Single: Just Mustard - Pigs

Just Mustard - Pigs

Info: Just Mustard are a five piece band from Dundalk, Ireland. Mining influence from post punk, trip hop and lo-fi electronic music they combine broken hip hop beats, chorus laden bass hooks and abrasive guitar noise with ambient, haunting vocals.

'Wednesday' , which will be released next month, is the debut LP by the band. In creating this record they made a conscious effort to provide the listener with the experience of hearing the band in a room, in their natural state, with little to no polished, glossy, post-production magic. 

Hyberbole how are ya?! And I'm sorry but I'm going to leave a little bit of it here on Just Mustard's latest single release for 'Pigs'. More restraint and a critical track by track review will arrive in May, but here's what happens to date.

In April 2016 Just Mustard made us all sit up, and readjust our position in our comfortable chairs with the release of single 'Greedy Ape', this was a slap in the face announcement from the Dundalk band regarding their credentials, truth be told, it probably wasn't their intention, they just wanted to 'Wave' 'Hi' and say we're working on some stuff, and this is what it sounds like. Plaudits rolled in from GoldenPlec, who told us to "buckle up and get familiar with 'Greedy Ape', a fuzz-bomb of discord that’s sure to be a live favourite in the coming months. It’s deliciously sludgy, noisy stuff". 

A month later the band would release their self-titled eponymous EP, receiving a 9/10 review via The Last Mixed Tape. It was a piece of majesty, and their unwilling announcement as the best shoe-gaze and grunge band in Ireland by a country mile. When Just Mustard released their last single, 'Tainted' their position was confirmed. Yes, it's avant-garde shoe-gaze, yes, they are the only ones killing it in the genre, fuzz me out forever, with their Pixies demonism, a vinyl album is coming out of Dundalk.

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