Sunday, 8 April 2018


Thumper - AFL


Info: Dublin noise-pop quintet THUMPER released the first single off what will be their fourth EP in quick succession last week, 'AFL'. Whilst the noise still abounds and rattles your wee nerve endings as is customary for the band, they have opted for a cleaner delivery when compared to the highly-distorted sound on previous EP Pop! Goes The Weasel. The tempo is hi-octane and relentless as drums batter away behind duelling scorched guitars, anarchic pop-punk at its very finest. 

Lyrics such as; "Public transport gets me down, Sunday service skips my town, social welfare's well for pence, ask my ma to pay the rent" summarises the stalled man-child's mundane predicaments, this aimlessness as years go by is explained by frontman Oisín Furlong; "The song is about ageing rapidly but gaining no wisdom; Feeling like a child in a man's suit, desperately playing catch-up in the Imposter Syndrome Champions League. Every Friday night gasping for answers in the smoking area of your nearest terror den. The music thunders on and words fall away like the raving of a calm lunatic. There's no conclusion, even at the end."

It's another delightful bruiser from the Dublin noise merchantz and bodes most well for EP No. 4.

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