Saturday, 21 April 2018

The VidList #011: Lemoncello, Brass Phantoms, Laura Ryder, Train Room

Brass Phantoms - Disciples
Brass Phantoms - Photo: Ciaran O'Donnell

Lemoncello - Stuck Upon the Staircase

Info: Lemoncello duo Laura Quirke (guitar, vocals) and Claire Kinsella (cello, vocals) have shared the video for their title-track single, 'Stuck Upon the Staircase', from their forthcoming debut EP which will be released on 26th of April next week in The Cobblestone in Smithfield. Shot by the inimitable Myles O'Reilly of Arbutus Yarns at The Elbowroom in Stoneybatter, the acoustics carry the soft yet powerful beauty of their harmonies and respective strings, acoustic and cello. It's a sweeping and moving meld of traditional and contemporary classical folk with an inescapable Irish story-telling hue. If you enjoyed this single you I recommend you catch them live with the pair playing festival slots for Vantastival, Body & Soul and Arcadian Fields this summer.

Brass Phantoms - Disciples

Dublin indie-rock and post-punk five-piece Brass Phantoms continue to refine and develop their sound on latest single 'Disciples', featured on one of our March Irish Playlists, the accompanying video was shot by Ciaran O'Donnell. Of the track itself we wrote; "A new band member in Colleen Heavey, and a new level of impact, Brass Phantoms have stepped up to the top of the ladder with new single 'Disciples', all of the elements which made previous singles such as 'City of Wolves' and 'Indigo' so appealing, the punch and kick of the drum, anthemic punch the air vocal and sizzling guitars are woven into something that sounds slightly different from the Dublin post-punk quintet."

Laura Ryder & Ampersand - Soda Pressing

We've long been fans of both Laura Ryder's live performances and recorded material such as debut 2016 EP haiku and last year's Vestigial album. With her band Laura Ryder & Ampersand create a jovial and theatrical delivery which is ably reflected in the music video. When we reviewed her debut album last year, regarding 'Soda Pressing' we noted; "Unexpectedly 'Soda Pressing' immediately reminds me of something you might find on The Frames' Setlist, I'm just waiting for Glen to come in with a whisper over the strings and piano. The song then gallops off into a carnival atmosphere at its half-way point before coming back down, toying with our musical feelings, and with one last throw of the dice it catapults off into the ether, like a rocket headed to a cartoon Moon." 

Train Room - The Lives of Others

Mayo's Joe Monaghan, aka Train Room, has shared his new video for latest single 'The Lives of Others', which was shot in his home county along White Strand in Louisburgh. Also featuring on one of last month's playlists we wrote at the time that he is; "An act that always manages to walk the tightrope of yearning and placid song-writing... his latest single 'The Lives of Others' throws a belly full of blues guitar at earnest song-writing. It's simple compared to his other singles, but that tinny vocal effect, excuse the pun, resonates, as always, on this sweet number."

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