Monday, 7 May 2018

Single: Jon Dots - Kamera

Jon Dots - Kamera

Jon Dots - Kamera

Info: Dublin alternative-pop act Jon Dots has shared a brand new single in the shape of 'Kamera'. It's quite a shift in sound in many ways from what we've heard on Dots' previous (and quite voluminous) output such as last summer's Impossibly EP. The upbeat pop characteristic is still there but that's about it, his previous dalliance with varying hybrids of classic pop stemming from a mix of Elton John / Beach Boys / Roy Orbison sounds make way for a 90's dance-pop sound with electric guitar thrown in for good measure. 

The first few seconds of the intro have a 'Born Slippy' feel, but that only lasts 6 seconds when we are shuffled into a lovely mix of indie / dance and pop. Thematically I'm guessing Dots is alluding to a voyeuristic obsession with a muse who is a stranger, who is unaware of the protagonists existence, who falls in love through the screen on their phone. A modern take on 'watching you from afar', not in a creepy way mind, but an observation on 'knowing' people purely via devices. Of course it could have an entirely different meaning altogether. I loved it, he makes it all sound so easy, an idea comes into his head and he puts it down with little fuss, another 'window down and play it loud' zinger from the pop supremo.

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