Saturday, 23 June 2018

EP: Sinead Murphy - The Golden Book

Sinead Murphy - The Golden Book

Info: Sinéad Murphy is a young singer songwriter from Athenry in County Galway. She moved to Cork 5 years ago to begin her musical career. She is a graduate of the popular music degree in the prestigious Cork School of Music having specialised in vocal studies and songwriting. Sinéad has always had a love for music and began writing songs in her early teens. Accompanying herself on either guitar or piano Sinéad writes mainly in a folk soul style. On the 21st of June she released her debut EP, 'The Golden Book'.

Taking its title from a book that Sinead Murphy began writing lyrics in in her early teens, The Golden Book is an intimate invite to share in memories both hopeful and sad which Murphy has put into song. Opener 'Final Night' is firmly cast in old world American folk with a country hue, with warm delicate harmonies Murphy guides us down a sleepy stream with sunlight twinkling on its surface. 

'Old Church Street' is hauntingly beautiful, piano and vocals complimenting each other, and the songs mood, with absolute perfection. The vulnerability and feeling of past regret are finely balanced on the scales with a sliver of hopefulness, a betterment of the self having lived through hard experiences. Murphy's voice excels again on final track 'Sail Away', once more, she provides so much open space for the listener to soak up the sentiments relayed so vividly in the music. This is also the best example of her delving into soulful territory, it has a contemporary feel, but also on its high moments nods its head to the likes of Carole King's Tapestry. In some ways The Golden Book is a heavy listen emotionally, but this trait is what makes it a memorable and distinguished listen, accentuated by fine musicianship and vocals.

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