Monday, 18 June 2018

Video: Scally - Let's Fuck

Scally - Let's Fuck

Info: Mullingar rock supremo Scally has just brought out the video for his third release 'Let's Fuck'. The bombastic track packs a massive punch as it echoes shades of Rage Against The Machine. Scally states that the track is about "my friend who fancied this chick for ages and he just wouldn’t go over and chat to her, the verses is me telling him to grow a pair of balls and go over and talk to her and the chorus is all the things he wants to say to her but can’t."

Oh matron! Having seen Scally live for the first time towards the end of last year and highly enjoying last single and video for 'Get Ready For War', I have become a fan of both his no frills approach to delivery and the general bad ass sound of his band. Latest single 'Let's Fuck' straddles (yup) a few reference points for me, the Manc swagger of The Stone Roses in the intro and verses, whilst the chorus recalls the hard-rock garage sounds of New Zealand act The Datsuns' uncompromising 2002 self-titled debut. The final 40 seconds is a completely gratifying rock-riffin' blow out too. It might not be to everyone's taste, or land Scally a slot on The Late Late Show in front of clapping grannies, but I'm loving it and the anarchy-craved void it fills.

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