Monday, 30 July 2018

Irish Playlist #033: TabloidTv, King Kong Company, Deep Sky Objects, 1,000 Beasts and more

King Kong Company - My Name Is Now

Info: It's been a couple of weeks since the last Irish independent playlist here on REMY, and as a result, we've squeezed in an extra few new singles on this occasion! We also have new music videos from King Kong Company for their single 'My Name Is Now', 1000 Beasts 'Every Line & Curve' feat. Jacob Henley and Rosborough's 'Fall To Earth'.

1) TabloidTv - 'Frobisher'

Dublin indie-rock quintet TabloidTv release a rapid-fire post-punk infused swinger in the shape of 'Frobisher', it's infectious and has been getting repeated spins around here. Strong elements of Joy Division flow throughout, and this adds to my personal enjoyment of what is their best single to date in my opinion.

2) Bullet Girl - 'Wasted'

Not ones to shy away from carving your ear drums up, Bullet Girl smack home a frenetic high-paced wedge of rollicking punk, file under Ramones 'Beat On The Brat' x 5.

3) Zola Daze - 'Sun Bleached'

Aaagh. I am in love with the debut single from Zola Daze, aka Waterford's Andrew Martin. Take me off down that rabbit hole of psychedelic sunny blissfulness and I probably will never return.

4) Shaky Shack - 'Selfish Fever'

Another bomb of a debut single arrives via Dublin funk-pop pair Alex Winter and Mateusz Kosnik, who are Shaky Shack. The grooves, the laissez-faire acoustic guitar jams, honey harmonies and the funky chill make for a tropical cocktail that puts life into cruise control. Sweetness.

5) Deep Sky Objects - 'Desire'

From their excellent debut self-titled EP, Kerry alternative-rock act release latest single 'Desire'. Hard rock opening and smash and grab percussion, this is a song I need to see live, and I think Kevin O'Brien could be one of the most personable vocalists I've heard in an Irish band in an age, I love this guys voice. You can't play nasty bass and drums without a face-melter coming up at some point, and so it does on 2:11, zinger.

King Kong Company - 'My Name Is Now'

6) King Kong Company - 'My Name Is Now'

Cult live show radicals King Kong Company are back with phat new single 'My Name Is Now', thub-thumping with a mechanical groove and beat that gives a small sonic redux to what we're used to, plus some on-point vocals, see KKC add another live belter to their repertoire.

7) 1000 Beasts - 'Every Line & Curve' feat. Jacob Henley

The latest collaboration from 1000 Beasts sees him partner up with Jacob Henley, it's easily his most unadulterated piece of electro-pop blissfulness, with Henley providing a solid vocal performance that has plenty of smooth soulfulness to keep the chill-train in full motion.

1000 Beasts - 'Every Line & Curve' feat. Jacob Henley

8) Aislinn Logan - 'Fair Game'

Logan's last single 'Spree' which she released in April was grandiose in many ways, sonically looming large on atmospheric moods. With 'Fair Game' there is still a grand power pushing through the track, but she seems more self-assured and determined here, less overwhelmed than the protagonist of the previous single. Most importantly though Logan is coming to grips very quickly with manipulating the darker worlds of dream-pop and I wouldn't be surprised if the next single will throw up yet another different angle of exploration to this end.

9) Rosborough - 'Fall To Earth'

The new single from Derry's Rosborough 'Fall To Earth' is perhaps his most bolshy effort to date in comparison to previous releases. The beat and guitars remind this listener a little bit of The Clash or The Jam, there's a swagger and stomp here that fit perfectly with Rosborough's as ever impressive voice.

Rosborough - 'Fall To Earth'

10) Dylan Murphy - 'Anxious Times'

If mid-60's psychedelic garage and blues rock are your bag, as is mine, then you will really enjoy the musical stylings of Galway-based Limerick-man Dylan Murphy's new single 'Anxious Times', a reflection on the increasingly uncertain times we live in. Bit of early Kinks, The Monks and The Yardbirds all pepper his strident latest release.

11) True Tides - 'Automatic'

Indie rock with a shedload of ultra-pop is served up on the latest single from Cork brothers (now Dublin-based) True Tides in 'Automatic'. The band do a number of things to stand outside the norm, firstly the intro is a hook on dual levels, the chorus is a flagrant appeal to 80's chart pop, the mini-pause before the harmonies in the pre-chorus and then the drive home. Pure indie-pop.

12) Liers - 'Host'

Of all their self-professed influences, Dublin alternative-rock act Liers channel both Foo Fighters and Feeder through new single 'Host'. The four-piece are one of the most adept interpreters of 90's rock and grunge in the country at the moment, and here they give just the right amount of nostalgia whilst keeping the overall sound on a contemporary footing.

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